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our finishes

All of MOBILIA’s standard product lines and custom products are available in 5 standard plain sliced book matched veneers and in 16 different finishes at no up charge (Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, and Walnut).

All standard lines may be modified to suit the needs of today’s modern office. Shapes and sizes may be altered, details added or subtracted, and materials substituted. Since all products are made to order, larger or smaller than published sizes are easily made within the same lead times as “standard lines”. Moldings may be added, edge details modified, and base details added or subtracted. Special and exotic veneer, laminate, metal, glass, stone, and solid surfacing may be added to, or in place of our “standard” veneer. The modifications are limited only by the availability of raw material and the design.

Mobilia will make custom products designed specifically for the user. Custom products are constructed using the same techniques as standard and modified products. Lead times remain the same as standard and modified products. Mobilia has an award winning design staff available for consultation from design through production.

Dieci – Quattro – Roma

All standard products are available in Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Oak and Walnut (10% upcharge).  These  veneers are standard in 15 different stain colors each with a catalyzed sealer and two coats of catalyzed clear conversion varnish topcoat.  Custom stain colors are available at no additional charge.

Allegro is available in maple veneers with six different colors each with a catalyzed sealer and two coats of catalyzed clear conversion varnish topcoat.
Exotic and special veneers and hardwoods.  Open pore, semi filled, full filled, semi gloss, high gloss, and water borne finishes in colors to meet our customer’s needs. Please check with Mobilia Customer Service for applicable upcharges